We provide a range of basic, VIP, luxury and corporate minibus hire across the UK to fit your needs. a standard minibus Typical minibus: A typical minibus rental offers a relaxing atmosphere while being reasonably priced. For up to 18 passengers, the powerful minibus offers first-rate service. This is the best option for a business trip.

Luxury minibus:

Each luxury minibus features an interior that will meet the greatest standards and an elegant, contemporary design. A perfect solution if you want to make an impact. Full leather interiors, tables, DVD players, WIFI, restrooms, bars, XBOX, and many more incredible features are standard on luxury minibuses. Bus Hire Windsor, one of the UK's leading minibus or coach hire suppliers, specialized in luxury and corporate minibus and coach hire. Our team of transport specialists would be pleased to help you choose the ideal minibus specification for your requirements and budget. With Bus Hire Windsor you can be confident that VIP and luxury minibuses will give you the best minibus experience imaginable.


Renting a minibus has the following benefits:

Due to their design for carrying more passengers, minibuses are the ideal vehicle for group excursions, events, and activities. Renting a minibus enables your group to travel together rather than organizing multiple cars or taking public transportation. Comfort: To make the ride more pleasant for everyone, minibuses are frequently equipped with luxuries like air conditioning and plush seats.

Minibus Hire Windsor can help you rent a minibus:

The best minibus and coach hire company in Windsor is Mini Bus Hire. We are a UK-based company that specialized in group travel and corporate travel. By offering excellent service, we are a family business that is increasing quickly. We have vehicles of all sizes, including 8-seater minibuses, 12-seater minibuses, 16-seater minibuses, and 24-seater mini-coaches. All vehicles are operated by VOSA-qualified drivers who have undertaken intensive minibus and coach hire training to ensure a safe and pleasurable ride.

Why do people pick our minibuses?

Competitive pricing: We offer a competitive price in comparison to other minibus rental businesses. A large assortment of vehicles We offer a selection of minibuses in various sizes and layouts. If you want to acquire the greatest minibus, call our service staff at Minibus Hire Windsor. We genuinely solely work for our clients. According on their requirements, people can reserve a premium minibus from Windsor. Windsor contributes to the offer of the most modern and newest range of minibuses.
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As part of our service, we can also provide you with a driver in addition to the minibus. You can hire a minibus with a driver, in which case we’ll supply both the vehicle and the driver. It is rare that you will find a minibus rental company that offers a rental at such a low price as ours.

We offer knowledgeable drivers that understand the requirements of clients who wish to relax throughout the trip or are unfamiliar with the area.

We are known for giving good customer service, which distinguishes our business from the competitors.

We can accommodate last-minute bookings or customized demands, making our business ideal for clients that seek a trustworthy and adaptable transportation service.

Windsor Bus Company has a fresh lineup of minibuses and enough staff to serve every passenger. Our Farnborough service will only hire staff with great experience and knowledge to communicate with international clients. We will offer services to all citizens of the nation because we have access to people who speak various languages. The general public can quickly and simply book a high-quality minibus. We are open every day of the week so clients may reach us anytime they require our Windsor Bus hire service.

Renting a minibus may be less expensive than renting numerous automobiles or purchasing individual bus or rail tickets, depending on the number of people in your group.
Driver with experience:
If you want to sit back and relax during the trip or if you are unfamiliar with the area, several minibus rental firms offer the option of a professional driver.

Minibuses are adaptable vehicles that can be utilized for a wide range of activities, including corporate events, school outings, and airport transfers. In conclusion, renting a minibus can be a sensible and affordable option for transporting a group of people and can make your travel more pleasant and pleasurable.

How to use our minibus rental?

Visit our Get a Quotation page once you’ve determined which Mini-Bus best meets your requirements. On our website, you have two options: The first option is One Way, in which you choose the pick-up location, pick-up time and date. At the appointed time and location, our driver will pick you up and take you where you need to go. The second option is Return, where you can pick up and drop off points as well as pick up and return times. Our driver will pick you up at the stated spot at the designated time, drop you off at your destination, and then return to pick you up. Send a booking request after deciding depending on your needs, and we’ll find you right away.
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